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bet356体育在线 官网:对中国毛纺织行业协会原毛专业委员会发布诚信平台相关决定的情况通报
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bet356体育在线 官网:对中国毛纺织行业协会原毛专业委员会




2020年8月8日,中澳羊毛联合工作小组中方小组在江苏句容召开会议,对浙江红太阳毛纺织有限公司与AUSTRALIAN MERINO EXPORTS PTY LTD(简称AME)羊毛贸易纠纷进行情况通报和沟通讨论,在取证调查、尊重事实的基础上提出相关意见,于1120日发布《bet356体育在线 官网:将AUSTRALIAN MERINO EXPORTS PTY LTD列入南京羊毛市场诚信平台不诚信名单的决定》,将AME列入不诚信经营者名单。







附件:《bet356体育在线 官网:对中国毛纺织行业协会原毛专业委员会发布诚信平台相关决定的情况通报》英文版








CWTA Notification on the decision of CWTA wool committee integrity platform

Date: November 23rd 2020

To members of CWTA and the stakeholders,

On the date of August 8th 2020, China-Australia Joint Wool working group-China group’s meeting was held in Jurong, Jiangsu, to notify and discuss on the dispute of wool trade between Zhejiang Red Sun wool textile Co. ltd and AUSTRALIAN MERINO EXPORTS PTY LTD (hereafter as AME). On the basis of China group’s evidence review, investigation and fact reveal, CWTA wool committee released the‘Decision on Putting AUSTRALIAN MERINO EXPORTS PTY LTD on the Default List of Nanjing Wool Market Integrity Platform’on November 20th 2020 to list AME as a unfaithful business entity.

China Wool Textile Association hereby support the act of CWTA wool committee (Chairman: Nanjing Wool Market) to protect legitimate rights of members throughout the establishment of integrity platform. CWTA deeply regret and strongly condemn the AME's failure to cooperate with the investigation, disregard the evidence and deny the fundamental facts.

CWTA always encourage and promote fair trade, faithful business, and protect industry and member's legitimate rights. CWTA, as the Chinese national committee since 1998, together with other member countries, has always promoted the industry to carry out the wool trade activities according to IWTO Blue Book. In 2017, the "China Wool Textile Industry Credit Evaluation Plan" was approved by the fifth session of the 3rd CWTA board. CWTA wool committee was the first to try out in the fields of wool early processing stage, and issued the integrity certificate. Over the past three years, CWTA wool committee integrity platform has played a positive role in industry self-discipline and regulating market behavior.

Zhejiang Red Sun Wool Textile Co. Ltd is one of the vice Presidents of CWTA, and one of the faithful models of "Credit China". CWTA will continue to report to domestic and international relevant bodies according to the facts and evidence, actively trying to solve the dispute, meanwhile, CWTA does not exclude the act to apply to ban the imports of AME products if necessary. CWTA is determined to promote the disciplinary activities, carry forward the good faith business, and standardize the industry self-discipline.

CWTA hope that this event can alert our members and the whole industry to strengthen self-protection, and actively fulfill the social responsibility.  CWTA together with the entire industry will jointly safeguard our unified interests and rights from the overall and long-term perspective.



China Wool Textile Association (CWTA)


《bet356体育在线 官网:对中国毛纺织行业协会原毛专业委员会发布诚信平台相关决定的情况通报》中英文版.pdf